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Invested in both the perplexing and the paranormal, PPi takes pride in our growing catalog of experiences offered to customers. As a member of the SGH family of companies, PPi is granted synergistic access to expansive and well-developed archives. Pulling from unused inventory, cold cases, open files, and forgotten boxes, PPi has crafted three product lines for you to choose from and enjoy. We welcome you to scrutinize the thin line between fact and fiction as history weaves throughout these curated mysteries. Take a peek at the companies below to learn more about their unique offerings and how the fun can be forwarded to you.

Leave Normal Behind

With locations all over the world, Camp Kiwonik summer camps boast the perfect sleep-away experience for adventurers 10 and up. These packages provide a smaller, camper-friendly story and prove the wilderness is wilder than we thought!

Uncover The Past

Argonaut Exports specializes in rare antiquities from across the globe. Their talented staff go to great lengths to source the most unique items for their clients. Unfortunately the mysterious is not always attainable. Can you solve what left them stumped?

We Start After Dark

Some things are best left in the daylight. When it isn't an option, Sundown Consulting gets a call. Specializing in the eldritch and obscure they work on the most challenging cases. Choose a package from here, and make sure you open it before sundown.